wheelchair ramp rental
59.00 per Week

Wheelchair ramp rental is ideal for safe access to buildings, motor vehicles and other inaccessible locations. Constructed from lightweight aluminium the access ramps are suitable for use with wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters.

59.00 per Week

Our childrens wheelchairs or paediatric wheelchairs are suitable for younger children.  They are comfortable and robust to suit the unique needs of a child wheelchair user.  From just xx per day

59.00 per Week

Self Propelled wheelchair hire will allow you to rent a wheelchair with large wheels on the back.  The large wheels allow the user to propel themselves over short distances and is ideal if they have the upper body strength to steer and drive the chair on their own.

Transit wheelchair rental
59.00 per Week

If you wish to rent a wheelchair to transport a user that is not capable of propelling themselves then a transit wheelchair is ideal.  Transit wheelchairs have handles fitted onto the back of the chair to allow the attendant or carer to take control of pushing the chair.

Bariatric wheelchair rental
99.00 per Week

Our Bariatric wheelchairs are designed specifically for bariatric users with a weight capacity of up to 200kg / 32st.  This bariatric wheelchair features swing away footrests and removable armrests to ensure easier transfers for both the user and the caregiver.

Wheelchair Rental FAQ


What is a transit wheelchair?

A transit wheelchair is a wheelchair which is designed to be pushed by an attendant. It has small wheels which means the user cannot propel themselves. There are different types of transit wheelchairs available. Some are steel and some are aluminium. The aluminium transit wheelchairs are nice and light and are excellent for folding up for travelling.


What is a self-propelled wheelchair?

A self-propelled wheelchair is a wheelchair with large rear wheels. It is designed to allow the user to propel themselves. They do not need an attendant to push them. Our self-propelled wheelchairs can be folded compactly for travel purposes. Many of them have half folding backrests and pop off wheels for simple storage.


What is a paediatric wheelchair?

A paediatric wheelchair is a wheelchair that has been specifically designed for a child. The seat widths are smaller than standard wheelchairs to ensure that the child is comfortable and supported. Paediatric wheelchairs are also very robust and designed to suit the needs of a child.


What is a bariatric wheelchair?

A bariatric wheelchair is a heavy duty wheelchair designed especially for larger users. A bariatric wheelchair is available in seat widths up to 33.5 inches. They can take a weight capacity up to 47 stone.

Why might I need to rent a wheelchair ramp?

Wheelchair ramps allow you to have safe access into busses, trains, cars and buildings. Our rental ramps are suitable for use with wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters. A person might rent a ramp to make their home more accessible during construction work or yard work. Wheelchair ramps are regularly rented by hotels and schools in order to make their premises safe and accessible to wheelchair users.