Stroke Rehab

Thera Trainer Mobi
184.00 per Month

The THERA-Trainer mobi 540 is a small and mobile medical grade leg- and arm exerciser. It is designed to help keep elderly or people with slight physical limitations mobile. Ideal for daily use at home in multiple locations.

245.00 per Month

The Thera Trainer Tigo 530 is a medical grade upper and lower body trainer. It is designed for daily use in medical facilities or at home. Renting a thera trainer is ideal for a person who may like to try the device before buying.

306.00 per Month

The THERA-Trainer Tigo is a professional therapy device especially for wheelchair users and people with walking disability. With the THERA-Trainer Tigo active (with muscle power), assistive or passive (with motor power) exercise is possible. This top of the range model comes with a large touch screen, leg and upper body exerciser wih leg, foot and tip up protection.

Thera Trainer Balo 536
343.00 per Month

The THERA Trainer Balo is a dynamic standing and balancing trainer. Feet, legs and pelvis can be secured together or individually in almost any position depending on the exercise goal. The THERA Trainer Balo can also be adjusted to suit the needs of severely and critically affected patients (including those in a vegetative state).