high back orthopaedic chair
17.00 per Week

The Oakham High Back Orthopaedic Chair comes in brown vinyl with lumbar support on a metal frame with polyurethane armrests.

vinyl single motor riser recliner
Out Of Stock
62.00 per Week

This is without doubt the best value Electric Riser Recliner chair on the market. It displays all the quality associated with the Restwell brand at an excellent price!

dual motor riser recliner
Out Of Stock
62.00 per Week

The vinyl dual motor riser recliner rental option is ideal for a person who needs a reclining chair for a short term period. People recovering from surgery or from an injury often choose to rent these chairs as standing up unaided from a seated position can be too difficult for them. The dual motor allows the footrest and backrest to operate separately from each other allowing the chair to be adjusted to the perfect position.

Seating FAQ’s

I need assistance getting out of a chair, Can a riser recliner help me with this?

Yes a riser recliner armchair is the perfect solution. You can also raise the chair at the touch of a button and it will tilt you upwards and help you onto your feet.  You can also lie right back in it and keep your feet up if you wish. We have both single motor and dual motor riser recliner chairs available to rent.

What is the difference between a single and dual motor chair?

A single motor chair is operated by one motor which controls the movement of the footrest and backrest simultaneously. This means if you recline the chair to lie back your feet will automatically be raised too. A dual motor chair is operated by 2 motors, one for the backrest and a separate one for the foot rest. This means you have the option of putting your feet up while sitting upright. Both single and dual motor chairs will help you into a standing position.

I need a chair with good support for my back. What options do I have?

You need a firm chair with built in lumbar support. Our orthopaedic chair is ideal. It is height and depth adjustable to ensure your body is fully supported. The orthopaedic chair has added lumbar support in the backrest. This is a great option for someone who suffers from back pain and finds it hard to get comfortable in a soft armchair.

Are the chairs in good condition?

Yes, they are inspected and cleaned in between each rental period. We only rent out our vinyl coated chairs to ensure total hygiene and cleanliness every time.

Are riser recliner chairs safe?

Yes, they are very safe. The riser recliners have a built in safety key which means you can lock them when not in use. This means that children or grandchildren cannot control them unless you are with them. There are also safety sensors underneath the footrest which prevents the entrapment of pets or small children. In the event of a power cut there is a safety, backup battery which will allow you enough power to get up out of the chair. You have nothing to be concerned about safety wise.