Knee Walkers

79.99 per Month

Easy Knee Walker Rental

A Knee Walker is the ideal alternative to crutches while recovering from lower leg injuries like foot surgery, breaks, sprains, bunions and ulcers of the foot.  The Knee Walker eliminates the pain associated with conventional crutches, therefore increasing your mobility while recovering.

Knee Walker FAQ

Is a knee walker easy to use?

Yes, it is extremely easy to use. In fact this is one of the most convenient options for keeping you mobile while you are injured. With a knee walker you do not have to lift your own body weight at all as you simply scoot along the ground. People often comment about how uncomfortable crutches can be. The knee walker eliminates this discomfort completely.


What kind of injury is a knee walker recommended for?

A knee walker can be used for any injury of the foot or ankle. You need to be able to bend your knee in order to use one.


I am tall. Will the knee walker suit me?

The knee walker can be used by people of all shapes and sizes. The tiller is completely adjustable so you can ensure you have it set at the right height for you.


My doctor has said I need more time to recover. Can I extend my knee walker rental?

Yes, of course. This is very common as we all heal differently. Just let us know prior to the end of your initial rental period. Your rental extension will be charged per week thereafter.


Is there much assembly involved when my knee walker arrives?

The assembly is minimal. All you need to do is insert the tiller into the frame and then tighten. It is very easy to do.


The knee walker arrived in a cardboard box. Can I dump it?

No, please keep this box as you will need it for your collection. The courier will not accept your knee walker unless it is boxed.