Hospital Beds

rota-pro chair bed

Call us on 1890 989 353 for a rental quote. The Rota-Pro is ideal for a person with a long term or degenerative illness. The bed rotates and tilts to help you onto your feet and greatly reduces the expense of  home care assistance and hoists.

hospital bed rental
62.00 per Week

This is a standard sized electric hospital bed plus mattress that can be easily adjusted to ensure comfort and safety for the patient. One of the benefits of renting a hospital bed is that it gives the caregiver greater access and space to provide a tailored care plan to the patient

62.00 per Week

The low entry electric hospital bed rental option is ideal for people who need a hospital bed in their home for a specific amount of time. This low entry rental bed is made from high grade steel so it is robust enough to withstand use in the community as well as in hospitals. At it's lowest this bed is 23cm. The height of the bed can be adjusted up to 63cm. This makes transfers in and out of the bed much safer for both the patient and the caregiver.

hospital air mattress
62.00 per Week

The hospital air mattress is an alternating pressure relieving mattress which is used with hospital style beds. This is a high risk mattress and is ideal for a patient with a history of pressure sores and skin maceration. The mattress is easy to use with a simple handheld control panel.

hospital bed rental Ireland
63.00 per Week

Our bed rental package is ideal where there is a short term need for a profiling bed at home due to illness or in a palliative care situation. The package includes a four section fully profiling bed, a low/medium risk single grade foam mattress and an over bed table. Other mattress options are available to meet user’s needs.

111.00 per Week

The Bariatric Bed Rental is ideal for larger users. This electric hospital bed is a fully profiling 120cm wide bed which is designed for users with a weight capacity of up to 286kg / 45stone.

Renting A Hospital Bed FAQ

What is a standard electric hospital bed?

The standard electric hospital bed is an electrically controlled profiling bed. This means that you can adjust the position of the bed using a handheld control. This is particularly helpful for someone who is spending a lot of time in bed as they can sit up or elevate their legs if needed. An electric profiling bed is also helpful for care assistants to have greater access to the client.

 What is a low entry bed?

A low entry bed is a standard electric hospital bed that can be lowered to 23cm. If a person is prone to falling out of the bed, they can be lowered right down to 23cm and if necessary safety mats can also be added.  A low entry bed can be set at a height anywhere between 23cm and 63cm.

What is a bariatric bed?

A bariatric bed is a hospital bed that has been designed for larger users or for people who want a wider bed. A bariatric bed is 4ft wide and they extremely robust holding a weight of up to 45 stone.

Is a mattress supplied with a bed rental?

Yes, our standard low/medium risk mattress is included as standard. If you need a higher risk mattress or an air mattress that can also be arranged. Please call us on 1890 989 353 for more information.

Do I have to assemble the bed myself?

No. Our engineer will do that for you. Your bed will be installed and our engineer will also demonstrate how to use the bed correctly. Just make sure that you have cleared the space for him to assemble the bed before he arrives.

Can I extend the bed rental period?

Yes, you can extend it. This is no problem at all but please let us know prior to your rental period ending. You will be charged per week for the additional period you need the bed until you decide you do not need it anymore.